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Adherence to procedures and proficiency in maritime logistics
15 years’ experience in the metal recycling sector
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Founded in 2018, Helco is a rapidly expanding metal trading company based in the port of Marseille-Fos, at the heart of France’s primary logistics hub.
The diversity of our trading partners and their trust placed in us are our major assets. They enable us today to rapidly set up safe and efficient solutions for even the most complex transactions.

Helcotrade has official authorisation for the trading and brokerage of raw materials and hazardous waste.



• 6,700 tons in 2018
• 15,000 tonnes in 2019
• 20,000 tonnes in 2021



• Ferrous metals
• Non-ferrous metals
• Lead acid batteries
• Paper & Wood
• Plastic & Cardboard



All tonnages:
• Bulk
• In container


We favour a transparent and ethical approach to business which enables us to build strong relationships with companies of all sizes, both in France and internationally. It is our priority to constantly develop our agility in order to seize the best opportunities for our trading partners.

Added value

An independent and responsive organization

1. Proximity

A team at your service

Helcotrade has redefined trading codes by implementing innovative management methods and ensuring real time communication with its trading partners.
2. Advice

Personalized support

We perceive each transaction as a tailor-made service for both our clients and our suppliers. Strategic and operational monitoring forms an integral part of our business.
3. Flexibility

Adapting to market trends

We build on our expertise in maritime logistics and multimodality to optimise costs, delivery times and the environmental impact of recycled raw material transportation.


An independent and responsive organization

We guarantee our suppliers total availability and help them to develop a strategic vision in order to improve their profitability
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In full transparency

The reliability of our sourcing services depends on an understanding of each market participant’s needs, on a solid knowledge of our supplier network and on our unfailing ability to respond.
  • Our assets
  • Our mission


A major ecological challenge

& non-ferrous metals

Metals can be endlessly recycled without altering their properties. Recycling is therefore a means of both processing waste materiel and producing resources. At Helcotrade, we are aware of today’s environmental issues and the need to reduce the carbon footprint of metal production. Helcotrade is proud to work with eco-organisations and to participate in the development of the raw materials recycling sector.
40% of French steel production comes from recycled scrap metal.
12.8 million tons of scrap metal e
were collected in France in 2017.
Each year, France recycles the steel equivalent of 1,200 Eiffel Towers.
One ton of recycled scrap metal compared to one ton of primary steel production represents a reduction of:
CO2 emissions
Reduction: 57%
Energy Consumption
Reduction: 40%

Paper - Cardboard
Plastic - Wood

Among the most developed channels for the recovery of raw materials from recycling, there are of course ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but also plastics, paper, cardboard and wood. Their reintroduction into industrial production cycles, in total or partial substitution of virgin raw materials, makes it possible to reduce the use of natural resources and to reduce the storage of waste.
In France, the recycling rate of paper/cardboard is 64%.
61% of wood waste produced
in France are recycled.

9.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced on earth since 1950

According to Ademe, in 2017 the paper and cardboard, wood, glass, steel, aluminum and plastic recycling industries prevented the emission of approximately 18.1 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

CO2 emissions
18.1 million tons saved